Mother holding baby and disgarding business suit

Hey Mama!

Torn between work and family?

Tired of someone else raising your little one(s)?


Maybe you’re already home…

Discouraged with homemaking or not sure what to do?



Who said, “Big things can’t come in small packages”? This 7-day devotional is power packed with encouragement for the weary mama! Let’s face it, motherhood can be downright difficult. This devotional addresses the difficulties of marriage, motherhood, management of the home, meals, money and how to trust the Master through it all. Bonus feature: “Points to Ponder” are included after each day for deeper application and meditation. Don’t delay get your digital copy today!

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70% or 31 Million Mothers With Children Under 18 Participate in the Labor Force


More Women Are Working Sooner After First Birth


Mothers Are the Sole or Primary Breadwinner For a Record 40% of Households Today

Mama, don’t be another statistic…

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Hi, I’m Tia!

I married one amazing man that reminds me of God’s love for me daily as I certainly fall way short and don’t deserve his goodness. But, he loves me anyway! Together we have a screamer, a clinger, a gabber and a hipster for children…life is really interesting in our house. Truth be told, they have got to be the most precious bunch I’ve ever seen! I have some serious sanctification going on with my eclectic bunch. God uses them to shape and mold me into a patient, loving, gentle, kind, merciful and gracious wife and mother. Now, I wouldn’t trade that for all the tea in China. Okay, well maybe for all the coffee in Brazil (my fellow coffee junkies know of what I speak). Ha! Read more…

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